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The Voltage Security Network is easy to join:

Individuals and Organizations

Purchase annual licenses for you or your business and keep all of your files and sensitive communications with customers and partners secure. Contact us if you wish to purchase more than 50 licenses.

10% discount for over 100 licenses, 15% discount for over 250 licenses

How to purchase [click here for detailed instructions]:

Step 1

Review and accept the license agreement.

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Step 2

Login or register for a new account.

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Step 3

Manage your account and purchase.

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Step 4

Install plug-in and encrypt.

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Plug-in System Requirements:

Voltage SecureFile and SecureMail

Voltage SecureMail Other Platforms
If you don't use Outlook or MS Windows, you can send encrypted messages with the Voltage SecureMail Zero Download Messenger(ZDM) with any browser.

VSN for the Enterprise

We also have options for large Enterprises with on-site Voltage Encryption Systems or full SecureMail and SecureFile outsourcing.
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