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Enterprise Mobile Data Security
Protecting Your Mobile Data, Wherever it Goes

With the ubiquity of consumer mobile devices and the enterprise BYOD trend, the ecosystem for conducting personal and business transactions extends beyond the walls of business and home to everywhere, anytime. Across industries, common interactions via smartphone include capturing personal sensitive data to onboard new customers, sharing sensitive financial data with business partners, accepting payments in mobile commerce, accessing enterprise data, and sending customer or corporate information to internal or external recipients by email.

Theft and misuse of customer and employee private data including financial, healthcare and HR records, payment card information, and personally identifiable information can subject a company to loss of revenue, compliance violations and penalties, and damaging loss of customer trust, brand and shareholder value. Organizations need comprehensive data security to protect against breach risks and ensure regulatory compliance and need that security to be effectively implemented, but at the same time ensure ease-of-use for employees and customers. Today’s business needs information to be accessible, yet also secure.

Voltage Security protects structured, unstructured, and semi-structured information at the data level, so protection stays with the data from the point of capture to wherever and however it is used, stored and moved across data centers, public and private clouds, and mobile devices. Only Voltage delivers these key capabilities:

Use cases include:

Secure Collaboration with mobile executives
Executive, Legal and investment teams exchange sensitive email and documents internally and externally using smartphones devices in fast-moving business transactions. Granular policy control leveraging the corporate directory ensures that only the right team members or external parties are authorized to access the email and documents.

Streamlined customer processes through mobile channels
Banking customer representatives securely email mortgage or financial product documents to customers with mobile devices as well as desktop systems, with a consistent user experience. Customer service representatives are able to accelerate the mortgage initiation or refinance process while protecting sensitive data, accelerating customer on-boarding time by over 50% and improving customer satisfaction.

Mobile Commerce
Online merchants use their websites to accept payment information securely, without compromising the checkout experience or leading to abandonment at the most critical last step in the sales process-even from mobile shoppers on the go. These storefront websites can securely capture user profile information, which needs to be protected for data privacy compliance and to reduce the risk of compromise from new attacks.

Mobile Payments
Low-cost regional airline accepts credit cards for purchases in-flight using mobile payment sleeves on iPhones. The credit card information is immediately encrypted and stored in the sleeve, and is decrypted by the backend office for processing at the end of the flight

Mobile POS
To improve customer service and increase sales, retailers adopt the mobile sales agent model where agents walk the floor with mobile payment terminals or smartphones with payment sleeves to assist customers, and facilitate a transaction immediately so the customer doesn’t have to wait in line at the cashier.