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Voltage SecureMail™ Cloud is a multi-tenanted SaaS solution that enables businesses, partners and their customers to protect email, files and documents without investment in on-premise infrastructure. Business users can initiate secure messages with the click of a button – including from the latest smartphones, and recipients never need to download software to read them. Documents can be secured easily and then distributed via portals, USB drives or other types of network storage without business users having to learn about cryptography.

Voltage SecureMail Cloud is available in two editions:

  1. Standard Edition – A 100% SaaS offering designed for business professionals who need a simple, easy to use email and document encryption capability to protect client confidentiality and comply with data breach disclosure and encryption laws.
  2. Enterprise Edition – A hybrid SaaS offering designed for small businesses and enterprises that require a customized user experience including custom branding, multi-language support and the ability to connect to their own on-premise DLP, archiving and eDiscovery systems.

Standard Edition:

Encrypt email, files and documents on your desktop
Voltage SecureMail Cloud is an easy to use service that enables people to easily encrypt email messages, documents and files. Messages can be be sent from within Outlook, from iOS, Blackberry and Android devices or from any browser and messages can be decrypted by the recipient without having to download any software at all – via a browser or a native smartphone app installed straight from an app store. Email attachments are automatically encrypted for you – no extra steps necessary.

Files and documents can be encrypted on the desktop with a simple right-click – and can then be put on USB drives, network storage or uploaded into shared portals. The recipient will need to install the desktop software to open the file or document. File protection is enabled with Voltage SecureFile which is included within your Voltage SecureMail Cloud subscription.

Open encrypted email, files and documents on desktop
Voltage SecureMail Cloud can be used directly on your Windows desktop with an optional software download – the Voltage Encryption Client – this provides integration with Outlook and other Microsoft Office applications such as Excel. By using the desktop software the process of sending encrypted email or encrypting files is vastly simplified – you need only press a “Send Secure” button to send an encrypted message.

Smartphone support
Voltage SecureMail Cloud also includes support for the latest smartphones -for senders and recipients. Native applications provide a simple user experience without the need for an additional webmail account or separate email inbox. With integration with native contacts and address book, sending and receiving SecureMail has never been easier for mobile users.

Open encrypted email via browser (no software required)
When you send email, there’s no way of knowing how that email will be accessed by the recipient – Voltage SecureMail removes the uncertainty by ensuring that all encrypted messages can be unlocked by using a standard browser – no need to download any special software. This capability is known as Zero Download Messenger (ZDM), and it ensures that encrypted email can be securely sent, received and replied to. ZDM will also work on any mobile device that has a regular browser.

Enterprise Edition:

Enterprise Edition customers have more complex environments that can be tightly integrated with Voltage SecureMail Cloud. This enables customers to benefit from a customized user experience and provides several administrative options for configuring the service.

Custom district and federation
For organizations that want to control their own master secret or district (used as the basis for generating encryption keys) or in the future may wish to implement Voltage SecureMail within their own data center (on-premise) an option is provided to create a unique district within the tenant assigned to the enterprise. This in turn enables companies to decide whether they wish to turn on federation, which is a mechanism to enable business partners who are also using Voltage SecureMail to automatically interoperate with the sender versus being treated like a regular recipient. Benefits include, the partner being able to use their own authentication system to authorize recipients to access encrypted email versus having to create new accounts within Voltage SecureMail Cloud making communication more efficient and streamlined.

Customize colors and logo
Messages can be branded with an organizations colors and logo, so that it is clear who the communication is coming from. A simple tool is used to create the ‘brand’ which then sets the configuration.

Customize instructions and branding (e.g. internal help desk contacts)
In addition to modifying colors and logos, the text on the message overlay (the instructions for how to open a message) can also be modified. This is useful for providing alternate contact details for internal help desk contacts and including additional branding.

Support for multiple languages
Encrypted message overlays (the instructions for how to open a message) can also be designated in different national languages to facilitate use of secure messaging or comply with regulations.

Custom configuration and policies
Enterprise edition customers may customize policies associated with how messages are opened, options for replies and policies to do with how recipients can authenticate themselves. These options can be configured via a management console provided to the administrator contact.

Local active directory or LDAP integration
Many organizations like to use their internal active directory or LDAP to authenticate users of Voltage SecureMail. This requires use of the Enterprise Edition and an on-premise Voltage SecureMail Appliance which integrates with your LDAP system, and can also be used for further integration with on-premise systems for archiving, ediscovery and DLP.

Integrate with DLP solutions – for policy-based encryption
Customers who wish to implement policy-based encryption rules may do so by using content scanning features that are part of the Gateway Appliance. In addition, content scanning and DLP solutions available from third parties can also be integrated with Voltage SecureMail Cloud by adding a Voltage SecureMail Appliance that is configured to use settings from the cloud to encrypt email based on the policies specified in your DLP solution.

Send electronic statements and automated Email
Sending secure electronic statements is a specialized use of Voltage SecureMail and is licensed separately. This is a great way to harness the elastic capabilities of Voltage SecureMail Cloud – resources are available as and when you need them. In addition to a license, a Voltage SecureMail Appliance is used to integrate with your electronic statement generation system.

Integrate with Symantec
A special plug-in is available for Symantec Enterprise Vault (eVault) which enables the archiving of encrypted messages automatically.

Integrate with eDiscovery
When it is necessary to run eDiscovery processes on encrypted messages, tools are available that integrate with Voltage SecureMail Cloud to ensure that discovery processes can operate over messages encrypted by Voltage SecureMail Cloud.