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Voltage SecureMail
Easy-to-use global scale email encryption inside & outside enterprise

Voltage SecureMail™ simplifies compliance to privacy regulations, including MA, PCI, HITECH, UK FSA, and EU Data privacy directives, and mitigates the risk of email security breaches. Voltage SecureMail provides end-to-end security for email and attachments, inside the enterprise to the desktop, at the enterprise gateway, and across leading mobile smartphones and tablets. The solution provides the confidence and peace of mind that sensitive data is protected in transit and in storage, wherever it is in an email system to any inbox (e.g., Outlook, Lotus Notes, Gmail, and Yahoo!), without disrupting existing email services or business processes.

Voltage SecureMail integrates with your existing message infrastructure, including Outlook, mail hygiene, data leak prevention (DLP), archive and e-discovery, Blackberry Enterprise Server, and mobile device management (MDM). As well as enterprise infrastructure, including Active Directory, identity and access management systems, and enterprise and business applications and websites (e.g., ERP, CRM, extranets, intranets). The solution can be rapidly deployed for internal and external usage, even in the largest multi-national organizations.

Voltage SecureMail employs proven Identity-Based Encryption (IBE) technology which enables global scale deployments that are simple to manage and administer. The stateless architecture avoids the scale bottlenecks associated with cumbersome webmail systems, traditional PKI or symmetric key approaches. Senders and receivers benefit from a simple user interface that makes secure messaging as easy and familiar as standard email communication.

Voltage SecureMail can be deployed on-premise, or delivered as SaaS from the Voltage SecureMail Cloud™.

Optional add-ons include RESTful API’s for powerful enterprise integration into applications and websites that rely on email based processes, Large Attachment Delivery, Voltage SecureMail Mobile Edition for native mobile support, archive and e-discovery plugins for supervisory access, and client plugins for Windows and Microsoft Office for transparent encryption inside the enterprise.

Compatible with enterprise messaging infrastructure and cloud email services such as Office 365, Voltage SecureMail allows organizations to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance and enforce best practices for email messages and attachments, without disrupting your existing email services or business processes.


Voltage SecureMail is available to businesses in three main editions:

Voltage SecureMail delivers:

Despite email encryption functions built in to clients and servers, the complexities of key management and usability issues mean market adoption has never been successful. Voltage SecureMail is built on unique technology that overcomes these technical and business challenges – enabling secure email to be both easy to use and highly scalable, while meeting the most advanced use cases.

Key Features and Capabilities:


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