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Voltage SecureMail Mobile Edition
Simple, easy to use email protection on mobile platforms

Voltage SecureMail Mobile Edition

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Voltage SecureMail Mobile Edition allows employees, partners, and customers to read and send Voltage encrypted email on supported iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices – with advanced mobile policy control. The solution extends data-centric protection and compliance to mobile email messages and attachments with a simple, anywhere-anytime native user experience. Businesses of all sizes can unlock full, rich mobile policies and native app capabilities, delivering immediate value and enhancing Volt- age SecureMail deployments.

Solution Highlights

Built on Proven Identity-based Encryption
Voltage SecureMail Mobile Edition is built on the same simple to use, low cost to manage, and highly scalable Voltage Identity-Based Encryption (IBE) technology, proven in a third of the world’s 20 largest multi-national organizations and more than one thousand enterprises globally. The solution utilizes standards based IBE public key encryption per IETFC RFC 509 and IEEE 1363.3.

Extends Compliance to Mobile Platforms
Voltage SecureMail Mobile Edition protects sensitive email messages and attachments end-to-end on mobile devices, mitigating the risk of data breaches and complying with US, EU, GLBA, PCI DSS, SOX, National, State, and Federal data privacy regulations and laws.

Eliminates Mobile Data Security Gaps
Uses 100% push technology and a single consistent message format based on IBE, providing a simple, transparent user experience across all use cases, inside or outside the enterprise, and across leading mobile device platforms. Mobile data-centric security means that email and attachments stay protected at all times – in transit and in storage until needed by authorized users – without exposing security gaps.

Enhances Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Complements and enhances existing security and compliance approaches rather than competing with them. Working with BYOD-driven Mobile Device Management (MDM) infrastructure, Voltage SecureMail Mobile Edition data-center protection reaches beyond internal MDM device-level controls, protecting email messages and attachments wherever they go, including externally to customers and partners.

Key Features:

Key Features for Mobile Users
Integrated with Device Apps and Functionality The Voltage SecureMail mobile apps work with existing email client applications without requiring an additional secure mobile inbox or webmail service. Full attachment support with native viewers streamlines viewing of secure message content to mobile users. When composing messages users can select email addresses from their existing Contacts and Exchange Global Address List.
Superlative Native User Experience The user experience and interfaces are designed expressly for each of the support mobile platforms so that users can enjoy the familiar email experience. The apps leverage native platform technologies such as multi-tasking, viewing orientation (landscape and portrait), and UI paradigms and gestures. Users get an easy one-tap “Send Secure” experience to encrypt emails to virtually anyone, anywhere
Works with Standard Email Systems  Send secure email to and from mobile devices to anyone with a standard email inbox – including commonly used cloud / web-based email systems such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail. Mobile users can rest assured their messages stay secure, even if their mobile device is compromised
Simple Sign In with Existing Credentials Mobile users can authenticate to Voltage SecureMail with their existing Windows ® Active Directory or Voltage Enrollment Service credentials. Employees outside the corporate network can securely login with their Windows Active Directory credentials via LDAPS support, without requiring a VPN connection
Communicate Securely with Multiple Organizations A single Voltage SecureMail mobile application can work with multiple Voltage-enabled enterprises and email addresses. Users can communicate securely, for example, with their bank, insurance company, hospital, and accountant – all with a single Voltage mobile app. Senders and recipients can also use multiple email identities with a single Voltage application
Familiar App Store Distribution Employees, partners, and customers can self-provision their apps and register their email address within minutes, streamlining secure business interactions to supported mobile users anywhere, anytime. Distribute via Apple App Store for iOS devices, Google Play for Android devices, and Blackberry AppWorld for Blackberry phones
Key Features for IT Operations

Granular, Centrally Managed Mobile Security Policies

Simplify regulatory compliance and lower data breach risks for sensitive email content – inside and outside the enterprise. Enforce unique mobile policies for different user populations, including employees, customers, and partners.

Message and Domain Level Security Policies

The solution provides comprehensive and consistent policy control over email and attachments. Message-level policies control whether users can read, reply, reply all, forward, and compose. Domain policies control which domains mobile users can send secure email to

Easy Implementation and Global Scalability

Voltage SecureMail Mobile Edition utilizes Voltage Security’s unique stateless key management, with no per-device key pairs or certificates to manage, or custom configuration files to distribute. Unlike competing solutions that require complex and costly legacy key management or additional secure webmail inboxes, Voltage SecureMail Mobile Edition can be deployed across dispersed, global user populations quickly and with minimal IT and help desk cost

Integrates with Existing Security and Email Infrastructure

Voltage SecureMail Mobile Edition easily integrates with existing enterprise infrastructure for authentication, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), mail hygiene, e-discovery, email archiving, MDM, and more. Voltage SecureMail Mobile Edition is compatible with Good Technology™ with the appropriate configuration and policy settings.

Works Seamlessly with Voltage SecureMail Suite of Products

Users can read encrypted email and attachments sent from Voltage SecureMail-enabled desktops, gateways, enterprise applications, email archives, and mobile platforms.

Support for BlackBerry Enterprise Server Push

Distribute the Voltage Blackberry app to corporate provisioned Blackberry devices via BlackBerry Enterprise Server Push. In the BlackBerry Desktop Software, users can also use the application loader tool to install the application on their BlackBerry devices


PDF File
Download the Voltage SecureMail Mobile Edition Data Sheet (PDF).


Voltage Products
Voltage SecureMail
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