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Unauthorized access to documents and files remains one of the most commonly reported reasons for data breach incidents such as data loss and theft. To protect sensitive information in files and prevent costly data breaches, enterprises require solutions that can be easily adopted by users. Voltage SecureFile™ simplifies the encryption and decryption of files by leveraging existing individual and group polices. This approach is even more critical as businesses turn to cloud providers for services such as collaboration portals and data backup. Voltage SecureFile allows enterprises to benefit from the cost savings associated with cloud services while continuing to control file protection under their own security policies and procedures.

Voltage SecureFile provides information encryption to protect files and documents used by individuals and groups whether those files are on the desktop, network share, or collaboration portal. Unlike competitive offerings that require complex key management, password memorization, or are limited to securing certain file types, transport mechanisms, or file locations, Voltage SecureFile is easy to use with any file, irrespective of its location or path. The Voltage SecureFile Microsoft Office plug-in enables users to seamlessly encrypt documents.

Business Value:

  • Protects sensitive information without disrupting work flow and business processes.
  • Protects files anywhere they travel, including within removable media, remote clients, and collaboration portals.
  • Simplifies user operation and management
  • Encryption is easy, with intuitive right-click encryption; requires no user training. For management, Voltage SecureFile alleviates the burden of manually scheduling and executing batch encryption, and also streamlines rights management.

Key Features and Capabilities:

  • Batch encryption: Batch encrypts files as part of an application process or directory location. Automates scheduling and execution of batch encryption.
  • Rights management: Leverages Microsoft rights management to encrypt Microsoft Office documents. Adds or rescinds access rights based on group policies.
  • Voltage SecureFile Office plug-in: enables end users to seamlessly encrypt documents.


Voltage SecureFile™ uses persistent encryption to protect sensitive files and documents, whether in storage, in use or in transit. Now providing more flexibility than ever before, Voltage SecureFile can be implemented as a desktop application or a batch encryption process, or integrated with collaboration portals.

Security that Stays with Your Files

Voltage SecureFile protects files and documents, regardless of where they go or how they get there. Unlike information security offerings that use complex keys or can only protect certain file types, transport mechanisms or storage locations, Voltage SecureFile encrypts the information itself. Voltage SecureFile persistently protects all file types, enabling secure business information workflows without the risk of data loss or policy violations.


  • Encrypts desktop files, batch files and files on collaboration portals persistently
  • Secures information regardless of where it resides
  • Ensures optimum security with the lowest overhead cases

Encryption that Just Works

Powered by Voltage Identity-Based Encryption™ (IBE), Voltage SecureFile limits access to encrypted data to specified individuals and groups without the need to exchange certificates or memorize passwords. Voltage IBE technology has been widely adopted by industry leading companies in healthcare, financial services, retail, media and government.

Conventional approaches to encryption rely on cumbersome key management and password schemes that make them unworkable in fast-moving business environments. Voltage SecureFile, with IBE, is superior to these historical offerings because IBE automates key management for file encryption, decryption, and access right assignment. In addition, automated key management eliminates barriers to secure file sharing by enabling dynamic enforcement of group policies. The ease of use promotes end user adoption, and helps achieve security and compliance goals.

Powerful Protection Capabilities

Voltage SecureFile’s core features and benefits make it possible to:

  • Encrypt files anytime, for anyone, anywhere
  • Support secure external file sharing – both electronically and through removable media
  • Create secure files, on the desktop, and assign access rights via a simple right-click process
  • Automate scheduling and execution of batch encryption
  • Encrypt Microsoft Office documents, leveraging Microsoft rights management
  • Add or rescind access rights based on group policies

Protection the Way You Need It

In business workflows today, image files, spreadsheets, Word files, and other Office documents move from location to location via email and are stored on file shares, removable media or collaboration portals. The open flow of information necessary in critical business processes puts sensitive files at risk through inadvertent errors, malicious hacks and unauthorized disclosures. Voltage SecureFile is unique in that

it enables organizations to protect against data breaches and policy infractions by protecting the information inside and outside the enterprise. Voltage offers a choice of implementation methods to fit the needs of any size company.

Voltage SecureFile Desktop

Voltage SecureFile enables end users to secure files of any type from their desktop and protect them wherever they may go. The solution’s intuitive interface makes it easy to encrypt sensitive information through a simple right-click process.

The Voltage SecureFile Office plug-in enables seamless creation of encrypted documents by end users. Leveraging Microsoft rights management, users set document access and usage control directly from within the application.

Voltage SecureFile Batch Encryption

For organizations that need to secure large numbers of files on a regular basis, Voltage SecureFile Command Line is the ideal solution. It enables administrators to schedule automatic batch encryption of any number or type of files. For example, in cases where customer data files are imported, stored, and then moved from one location to another, Voltage SecureFile Command Line ensures that the files are protected at rest, in transit and beyond the network edge.

Voltage SecureFile for Voltage SecureMail Cloud

Perfect for small to medium-size businesses and enterprises that prefer a managed service, Voltage SecureFile for Voltage SecureMail Cloud is a fully managed encryption security service with all the features and benefits of Voltage SecureFile. Easy enrollment of external recipients with the Voltage SecureMail Cloud™ hosted key service means that distributed business partners can be quickly provisioned with file decryption and encryption capabilities.


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