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Voltage SecureData Sandbox
Data Masking and Data De-Identification for Test, Analytics and Outsourced Environments

Voltage SecureData™ Sandbox provides an easy, step-by-step way for security architects and developers to ‘roll up their sleeves’ and experience data-centric security. Voltage SecureData Sandbox is ideal for organizations looking to gain valued insight into our data-centric solutions without disrupting operations or installing new systems or hardware.

Learn About Data-centric Encryption

Voltage SecureData Sandbox enables you to learn the basics of Voltage SecureData and Voltage SecureData Simple APIs within a few minutes through quick tutorials, sample code and data sets in a “ready-to-run” package!

Data-centric Encryption

What’s Included?

Voltage SecureData Sandbox is packaged with preconfigured data formats, authentication methods and integrated key management that allow you to quickly experience the value of data-centric security. This includes market-leading Voltage Format-Preserving Encryption™, Voltage Secure Stateless Tokenization™, Voltage Stateless Key Management, and data masking that secure the entire lifecycle of sensitive data as it moves through the enterprise and beyond. It also extends data protection beyond organizational borders, enabling protection of data shared with partners, suppliers, and outsourcers.

Protect Key Use Cases

How Do I Get Started?

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