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Voltage Security, Provider of Cloud Security Solutions, Joins Amazon Web Services Partner Network
Posted: Tue Feb 26, 2013 04:12:16 PM


Cupertino, CA – February 26, 2013 – Voltage Security®, the world leader in data-centric security, today announced that it has formally joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network. AWS offers disruptive economics and new agility to enterprise IT applications and services. Data-centric security provided by Voltage Security provides AWS customers with a new choice for flexible, end-to-end protection of sensitive data as it moves and is used across AWS’s compute, storage, and on-demand application services.

Voltage’s Enterprise Cloud Security solutions for AWS offer enterprises comprehensive, end-to-end data protection services in the cloud to protect sensitive information such as credit card data, personally identifiable information, and healthcare records. Using Format-Preserving Encryption (FPE), data masking, or the new Voltage Secure Stateless Tokenization™ capability, customers can selectively lock those data records with minimal impact to applications. Each of these data protection methods also utilizes Voltage’s stateless key management, ensuring that encryption keys never need to be stored or backed up, dramatically reducing the cost, complexity, and security risks associated with managing keys.

Voltage Enterprise Cloud Security solution has a scalable, distributed architecture that allows cloud based applications to push encryption services to specific applications, databases, and web services, precisely controlling which data is protected while centralizing key services in a separate key server system. By separating encryption from key management, high performance protection can occur locally where data gets created or used, while letting enterprises still retain control, management, security separation, and audit for all security operations occurring on the Voltage SecureData key server.

“For enterprises moving sensitive data to the cloud, having a flexible, multifaceted toolset for data protection that can cover all application types and ways they manage, store, and access data is a business imperative” said Jeremy Stieglitz, vice president of business development at Voltage. “With the fast, easy-to-implement, and end-to-end coverage of Voltage SecureData, enterprises can securely take full advantage of AWS to achieve new IT economics, agility, and unmatched scalability.

AWS Partner Network Technology Partners are companies that have built commercial software and Internet services that run on, or are complementary to, AWS.

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