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Voltage Security Extends Data Protection Leadership with New Solutions for Big Data, Cloud, and Mobility
Posted: Tue Feb 26, 2013 04:01:38 PM

Voltage Security

New Solutions Enable Protection of Data, Anywhere it Moves, Anywhere it Resides, and However it is Used.

Cupertino, CA – February 26, 2012 – Voltage Security®, the world leader in data-centric security, is marking its second decade of leadership with the unveiling of new, powerful solutions which advance the Voltage approach to data-centric security and empower customers to securely use and move data anywhere across their organization. These data protection solutions secure sensitive corporate and customer data as it moves into and throughout Cloud environments, protect email and data as they are accessed and used on mobile devices, and comprehensively secure data for analytics within Big Data environments.

Voltage’s data protection solutions for Enterprise Big Data Security, Enterprise Cloud Security, and Enterprise Mobile Data Security provide a comprehensive data protection framework that enables customers to leverage the business benefits of mobile adoption, public or private Cloud enablement, and Big Data initiatives, while keeping any sensitive data protected anywhere it moves, anywhere it resides, and however it is used.

Voltage’s new data protection solutions include:

- Voltage Enterprise Cloud Security

Protects sensitive corporate data as it moves into and throughout IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS Cloud environments. The solution allows companies to protect sensitive corporate and customer data, while simultaneously realizing the efficiencies and cost savings of moving to the Cloud.

- Voltage Enterprise Mobile Data Security

Provides end-to-end protection of data that is stored on and moves across mobile devices. The solution allows companies to securely and easily communicate sensitive data across leading mobile device with internal employees and external customers, mitigating the threat of breach and theft of sensitive data.

- Voltage Enterprise Security for Big Data

Delivers a comprehensive framework that protects all sensitive enterprise or customer data as it is used within Big Data environments. This solution allows companies to protect any sensitive data within Hadoop, Teradata, and other Big Data systems, enabling IT to be responsive to business requirements to embrace Big Data initiatives while still complying with complex data privacy regulations.

In the face of continued security threats and increased risk to data breaches, companies continue to look for more effective ways to seamlessly protect their data, while ensuring it remains accessible and usable to all users throughout the enterprise. Now, more than 1,000 global customers across all industries are using Voltage Security to protect their sensitive data.

“Data protection is paramount to our customers, and they are requiring security solutions that protect their data across their Cloud, mobile platforms, and Big Data environments. We deliver a single protection framework that provides the greatest extent of data protection at the lowest cost of ownership. Our customers use Voltage to securely expand their businesses and protect their customers,” said Sathvik Krishnamurthy, CEO and President, Voltage Security.

For over a decade, Voltage Security has been a global leader in data-centric encryption and stateless key management solutions. Based on continued innovation, its proven data protection technology enables comprehensive protection for all data types across Cloud, Big Data and mobile devices.

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