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Voltage Security Announces OEM Cloud Version of Market Leading Secure Email
Posted: Fri Jan 28, 2011 10:47:29 AM

WatchGuard First to OEM New Voltage SecureMail Cloud Partner Edition

Cupertino, CA  -- January 24, 2011 -- Voltage Security™, a global leader in enterprise and payment card data protection inside and outside the cloud, today announced a new OEM version of its market leading email encryption solution. Called Voltage SecureMail Cloud™ Partner Edition, the new product provides fast integration of secure mail into partner platforms coupled with cloud-based email implementation ideal for organizations needing to scale quickly.

WatchGuard® Technologies is the first to OEM the new solution in its XCS (Extensible Content Security) messaging security product for small-to-medium sized businesses.

“This new partner edition is the fastest way for secure messaging providers to deliver the world’s easiest to use, award-winning Voltage email security to their solutions, and since it’s cloud-based it’s extremely easy to expand deployments as a customer base expands,” said Mark Bower, vice president of product management for Voltage Security, Inc. “Voltage SecureMail Cloud is built around Voltage IBE, seamless key management that powers the largest global enterprise secure email deployments in the world – and delivers a simple and easy to use experience for users.”

“Many of our customers are fast-growing mid-sized businesses that need a rapidly scaling secure email solution. Voltage’s cloud-based security fits this need ideally.  It is easy for our end-users to deploy and provides senders with a seamless secure messaging experience,” said Roula Vrsic, product manager, WatchGuard. “In addition, the ease with which we were able to integrate into our platform enabled us to get this new level of service out to our customers quickly.”

Rapidly Integrate Voltage IBE with Voltage SecureMail Cloud Partner Edition.

With Voltage SecureMail Cloud Partner Edition, Voltage OEM partners and cloud solution providers can rapidly integrate Voltage IBE (Identity-Based Encryption) into their solutions. Common use cases include the enforcement of encryption policies inside the partner platform and cloud-based decryption of email messages enabled through the use of Voltage’s highly scalable IBE key management.

Voltage SecureMail Cloud Partner Edition is designed specifically for managed service providers (MSPs), independent software vendors (ISVs), carriers/telecoms and other cloud service providers, and can be integrated with a partner’s on-premise software and appliances, and hosted service offerings. Partner Edition is especially well-suited for integration with unified messaging, unified communications, email security, data leak prevention, and hosted email solutions, and is ideal for small-to-medium sized organizations.

Specific features of Voltage SecureMail Cloud Partner Edition include:

  • Hosted stateless IBE key management, and dedicated tenant with custom policies in the Voltage SecureMail Cloud.
  • White label solution, enabling custom branding for the OEM partner’s brand and branding for end customers, including logo, HTML message overlay, and web pages.
  • Mobile device support through decryption for external recipients.
  • Policy-based outbound encryption and inbound decryption; browser-based decryption for external recipients of secure messages (no software to download).
  • Encrypted replies and forwards to ensure secure conversations throughout the email thread.
  • Consistent HTML-based secure message envelope format provides highest delivery success rate.
  • Enrollment and authentication services for external recipients receiving secure email.
  • Help desk support for external recipients via the Voltage SecureMail Cloud Support team
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